Not writing content is a subject that I am very much qualified to discuss. If you look at my Linkedin profile you won't see any posts or articles - I have never blogged.

If you are like me you probably don't write either for three basic reasons:

You spend your time on other things.

One of the biggest lies in business is that everyone is too busy all the time. The truth is that you make time for what is important.

You don't think you can write.

If you can hold a conversation in person, you can write. If you write content using simple language in the same way you would write an email or letter your readers will appreciate you for it.

You think you'll look like a fool.

What happens if you write something and get negative feedback?  Or worse - no feedback at all.  Voicing an opinion is taking a risk - look sensibly at the benefits and see if they are worth sticking your neck out.

You haven't figured out the point yet.

What is the point, the benefit, of producing content? Realistically it won't make you rich and you won't become famous.

But - and this is the important but - you just might influence one important person or a few important people that could make a difference to your business. That could be a potential employer, a prospective client, an existing account or any single person that has an effect on your success. 

I might write a bit more I think.