Overall, the Fast 50 companies generated c.£1bn of combined revenue in 2016/2017, employing more than 9,000 people.

32 of the companies are headquartered in London.

This is fantastic evidence of the UK being a hub for emerging and growing technologies - the industry challengers are fast becoming the bigger players. 

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a CRO who asked "how can you mitigate the risk effectively for a company that grows so rapidly?" Meaning the risk surely changes and grows with the company considerably from the time in which insurance cover was taken out to a year later when it is time to renew.

What happens if a claim is made and you find yourself underinsured when 6 months previously you were covered?

An "off-the-shelf" insurance policy would perhaps catch someone out for this which is why we make it our business to provide flexible cover to cater to the needs of rapidly growing businesses and ensure that they are covered effectively.

Our focus is 100% on the needs for digital businesses.